Hey, we're Lena and Vastrik.

We moved to Berlin two years ago and have come a long way from being completely lost and confused to starting our own business. Like any newcomer, we made a lot of mistakes and wasted а ton of nerves. All we ever wanted in the first days was for someone to hold our hand and tell us how it works.

That's why we made How to Berlin. So that you could move comfortably and calmly, find an apartment and not freak out from the paperwork. To find yourself and love Berlin as we do.

Why do you need it?

To beat the bureaucracy

From the first days, a lot of papers, letters and incomprehensible taxes fall on you. We'll explain:

  • How to do all the paperwork and not go crazy
  • Why do you need all these taxes on radio, church, and dogs
  • How to do an "Anmeldung", get your driver's license, find a school for your kid or start a business
  • What bills you have to keep to get a nice tax deduction

Save a lot of money

We read all the guides on the Internet before moving to Berlin. Still, we made many mistakes and paid for them. We'll help:

  • Choose a bank, insurance, and SIM card without bumping into hidden fees and charges
  • Sort through tax classes to get the most out of your paycheck
  • Find a great apartment and comfortably move there
  • Save more than 50% on buying furniture and appliances and even find a coffee machine for free
  • Use your relocation package before it's swallowed by taxes
  • Understand if you need a tax advisor, or it will be enough to use one of those fancy apps for tax returns

Stay calm and chill

Relocation is always hard. Dozens of tasks fall on you at the same time and you think they'll never end.

We'll support you, tell you the rules and lifehacks, help you not to freak out and not get caught up in the tricks of the brokers.

Become a true Berliner

  • Where to learn German, how to integrate into society and make friends
  • How to be friends with your neighbors and buy the right bags for bio-garbage
  • Where to read the news
  • How to buy an iPhone using your taxes
  • What's the difference between the "greens" and the "left" and how to survive a politics talk
  • How to find your favorite places, to understand and to fell in love with Berlin ❤️

We solve problems

We can help you...

  • ✅ Understand how things in Berlin work
  • ✅ Survive the paperwork
  • ✅ Deal with taxes, driver license, and insurances
  • ✅ Get a work or freelance visa
  • ✅ Find an apartment ⭐️⭐️⭐
  • ✅ Get your kids to school or kindergarten
  • ✅ Relocate your beloved cat or doggo
  • ✅ Find a tax advisor
  • ✅ Register a business or self-employment

We can't...

  • ⛔️ Solve problems with the law
    Better go straight to a lawyer
  • ⛔️ Give you legal advice
    In Germany, it's illegal to give legal advice without a license, but we can refer you to someone who has it
  • ⛔️ Finish the BER airport :(

How much does it cost?

Every case is individual, but for your convenience, we have combined our services into packages. In any case, we'll discuss everything with you (online or in-person — as you wish), to understand what kind of help is needed and to estimate how long will it take.

I have a question

...or just write to us

Tell us your story, and we'll help you.
We can help not only newcomers but also local mates, and we also have useful contacts in other cities.

Write to us with any questions:
+49 177 876 93 42

Insider's guide to Berlin!
(coming soon)

We structured our experience to create a detailed guide on Berlin, that we ourselves would like to have earlier.

Schemes of districts and housing prices, tax deduction lifehacks, and craft checklists won't let you forget a single piece of paper.

In simple language. With pictures. Coming soon!