Hey there, we're Lena and Vastrik.

We moved to Berlin more than five years ago and came a long way from being completely lost and confused to starting our own business.

Like every newcomer, we made a lot of mistakes and stressed out. In the very first days, all we wanted was someone to hold our hands and, in simple English, explain how everything works.

That's why we created How to Berlin. to help you relocate comfortably and smoothly, find an apartment, and not freak out about the paperwork, find yourself and start loving Berlin as we do.

Why do you need us?

Beat the bureaucracy

You'll start diving into many papers, letters, and complicated taxes from the first days. We'll explain to you:

  • How to deal with all of the paperwork and not to go nuts
  • Why you need radio, church and dog taxes
  • How to get an "Anmeldung" (registration in Berlin), change your driver's license, find a school for your kid or start your own business
  • What receipts do you need to collect to receive a nice tax deduction

Save some monies

We have read every guidebook we found on the internet before we relocated. Nevertheless, we have made many mistakes and paid for them from our pocket. We will help you to:

  • Choose a bank, insurance, and mobile provider without being lost in hidden fees and unexpected charges
  • Puzzle out tax classes and get the most out of your salary
  • Find an awesome apartment and move into it
  • Save more than 50% on buying furniture and refrigerators, and even find a coffee machine for free
  • Use your relocation package before it gets swallowed by taxes
  • Decide if you need a tax advisor or it will be enough to use one of those fancy startups for tax returns

Stay calm and chill

Relocation is always difficult. Dozens of tasks suddenly pop up simultaneously, and you may think they'll never end.

We'll support you, explain the rules, and share lifehacks to help you not to freak out and not get caught in the tricks of the brokers.

Become a real berliner

  • Where to learn German, how to integrate into society and make friends
  • How to become friends with your neighbors and buy the correct trash bags for biowaste
  • Where to read the news
  • How to buy an iPhone and get a tax deduction
  • What's the difference between "The Greens" and "AfD" and how to talk about politics
  • How to find your favorite places, understand and love Berlin ❤️

We solve problems

We can help you to...

  • ✅ Understand how things in Berlin work
  • ✅ Find an apartment ⭐️⭐️⭐
  • ✅ Get through bureaucracy
  • ✅ Deal with taxes, driver licenses, insurances
  • ✅ Get your visa and residence permit
  • ✅ Enroll your kids to school or kindergarten
  • ✅ Relocate your beloved cat or doggo
  • ✅ Find a tax adviser
  • ✅ Register your business or self-employment

We can't...

  • ⛔️ Give you legal advice
    In Germany, it's illegal to give legal advice without a license, but we can share the contacts of the experts
  • ⛔️ Solve problems with the police
    Better contact a lawyer
  • ⛔️ Find a flat in Kreuzberg for €500
    Sorry, we are already working on a time machine in 2007

How much does it cost?

Every case is unique. Here are a few of our popular packages for your convenience. We'll discuss all the details with you (online or in person - as you wish) to understand what kind of assistance is needed and let you know how long it will take.

I have a question

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Let us know what you need, and we'll help you.
We can help not only newcomers but also local mates. We also have many useful contacts in other cities.

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