Hey, we're Lena and vas3k.

We moved to Berlin more than a year ago and went all the way from a complete misunderstanding of what was going on to launching our own business. Like any newcomer, we made a lot of mistakes which cost tons of nerves and money. All we wanted was to have someone hold our hands, hug us and explain everything in simple words.

That's why we created How to Berlin. So that you can move comfortably and smoothly, find an apartment and not go mad because of depression, find yourself and fall in love with Berlin.
Why do you need it?
To save a lot of money
Even after reading all the guides on the Internet, we made a lot of mistakes and spent a lot of extra money. We want to help you avoid this.

  • Choose a bank, insurance, SIM card and not to get on sudden commissions and fees
  • Understand the tax classes and get the most out of your salary right away
  • Find the coolest apartment and not pay a million dollars to move in
  • Save more than 50% on furniture and appliances, and find a coffee machine for free
  • Benefit from using your relational package before it's eaten by taxes
  • Understand if you need a tax advisor or calculators on the internet are enough
Beat the bureaucracy
From the first days in Berlin, you'll have a lot of paperwork, letters, phone calls, visits to institutions and strange taxation. We'll figure it out:

  • How to respond to letters, fill out forms and send them to institutions
  • What are the taxes on radio, church, and dogs
  • Which receipts do you have to keep to get a nice tax deduction
  • How to change your driver's license, get a registration, find a school for your kid or register a business
To not freak out
It's always hard to move. Dozens of tasks are simultaneously falling on you and it seems that there will be no end to this. The authorities are asking for more and more data, you can find the apartment, and there are taxes which even locals can't figure out. Everything is slow, scary and different.

We'll be there for you to support, to tell you how it all works, we won't let you give up and not to fell into local brokers' fairytales.
Insider's guide and the checklists (coming soon)
We put into it our own experience and experience of our friends, to create a detailed instruction on moving, which we personally would love to have when we were moving.

There you will find pictures, area maps and checklists which you can print and fill out so you don't forget any important paper. We constantly update and upgrade it.
    And finally, here comes integration
    Have you settled in and are you ready to become a real Berliner? We'll give you a short course on survival:

    • How to be friends with your neighbors, where to buy the right biowaste bags and how to solve other household issues
    • Where to learn German, how to blend in and make friends
    • How "Greens" differ from the "Left", SPD from AfD and how to survive in politics talk
    • How not to become a bad immigrant and go back home in fear.
    We will help you to integrate seamlessly, find your favorite places, understand and love Berlin ♡
    Choose a plan
    Choose the most comfy plan for you, then we will discuss all the details together.
    • Consultation
    • Guide and checklists*

    * Now we are finishing up our detailed guide and checklists. As soon as the materials are ready, you will receive them free of charge in addition to our consultation to move forward confidently and independently.
    • Consultation, guide, checklists*
    • We'll support you when needed ♡
    • Doing the necessary paperwork
    • Finding an apartment
    • Communication with organizations
    €250 / 5 hours
    • Consultation, guide, checklists*
    • We will always be by your side
    • Doing your paperwork
    • Accompanying you where you need it
    • Helping you settle up in your new apartment
    • Help you to get a driver's license
    €450 / 12 hours
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